Battery Bank - Charging Station - Charging Locker - Power Tool Locker - 11 Door

Battery Bank - Charging Station - Charging Locker - Power Tool Locker - 11 Door

Manufacturer: Birchwood

Code: N10200

Model: BWD_S10400_BBANK


1 Door Cabinet for Charging Power Tool Batteries. Also know as a Power station, Charging Station, Charging Cabinet or Battery Bank Battery Bank has been designed to provide a safe environment for charging power tool batteries Battery Bank is a patented locker system with 20 integral protected power points At the end of the day, all you need to do is place your power tools in the battery bank, charge them up safe in the knowledge that they’ll be safe and secure Battery Bank is a patented 11 door locker system with 20 13 Amp protected power points and MCB protected inlet As a single recharging point Battery Bank ensures good practice for risk assessment Tidy up that cabin - take unsightly & dangerous chargers and put them in a safe environment Battery Bank is also fully portable - place it in convenient locations as required Electrically safe - fully earthed and protected by an MCB Features 10 secure charging lockers + 1 management unit Coin return locking so operating on a coin return basis (£1) 2-gang 13 Amp Socket outlets in each locker Numbered keys for easy ID Individual locker venting MCB protected distribution unit 3 metre lead with 240 Volt 16 Amp plug Fly lead 13 Amp plug to 16 Amp socket supplied Manager instructions and fault finding guide Specifications Whole Unit (height x width x diameter): 1,877mm x 455mm x 275mm Charging Locker (height x width x diameter): 270mm x 200mm x 280mm Management Locker (height x width x diameter): 270mm x 420mm x 280mm Current: 13Amps Colour: Red Doors and Grey Body Input / Voltage: 230 Volts Weight: 63Kg Cable: 3 metre 3G 1.5mm squared H07 RNF (manufactured to BS6500) Plug: Defender 230 Volt 16 Amp (manufactured to BS EN 60309)

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